Quorra Question

I’m sorry if this has been asked before… But does anyone know how long of a break Quorra will be from a heist. I loved her when I’d play her in heist and now that I mainly do very hard heist I wish i’d see more of her. Besides her being useful is there a reason you can’t play with her.

XD nope. Perblue claims that the heroes are random but i have seen Quorra and Jessie missing more than any others. I dont really care since i just play one easy heist to get the daily quest over with but i know some people do care so… @Polaris how hard would it be to implement a way for the heisters to vote between maybe six characters as to which ones should be eliminated? Or maybe just have the heist creator choose out of six heroes the three he wants to eliminate?

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Sulley also been missing for a few days, so i think its just fair :slight_smile: also for alladin, 3consecutive days

I don’t think it’s random, more likely to be based on how frequent a hero is being used.

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Yeah the off duty formula doesn’t seem random at all, I also believe it is more likely to bench toons who we use more often.

But for heist this is a pain, as we will obviously favor heroes who can deliver fantastic damage due to brutes.

I actually just asked devs this question and they said they’re considering switching it up since its been “long enough.” I told them its obviously not a coincidence since she is off duty every single day. Ive seen her back on only 1 time since I asked, about a week ago.

No because quorra has been off duty for several weeks now. No one would be complaining if it was only a few days.

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