R.I.P to Betty White and Bob Saget

We lost so many popular Disney actors and actresses. We lost Bud Luckey, Don Rickles, and Ed Asner. And now we lost 2 more people. Betty White passed away maybe because of old age. Almost 100 years old. Bob Saget has died too. He was known for AFV and Full House. Let’s all pray for them to Rest In Peace. I know. It was disappointing that they passed, but it’s a circle of life.



Kinda… because a few old people might have strokes

The voice of Dicker Mr Potato head and Carl Fredrickson in 3 Pixar movies The Incredibles Toy Story and Up

It’s honestly devastating to lose them. Betty White was a goddess and I grew up with Full House so losing Bob Saget hurt especially. RIP.

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