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Rabbit Concept

Stars at the beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Mid
Team: Red

Entrance: Rabbit’s mini-garden appears at the start on the battlefield, later Rabbits runs towards his garden with a rake.
Victory: Rabbit proudly collects one of the carrots from his garden and eats it.
Defeat: Rabbit gets really mad, throws rake next to his feet then jumps at the place, and then stomps at the rake which later hits his face.

Quote: “Oh, my!”

White skill: Garden Collection :fist: (normal damage)
Passive: Rabbit collects carrots from his garden if Rabbit collects a good carrot he will give it to ally with lowest HP, healing them for X HP, if Rabbit collects unripe carrot he will throw it away to the closest enemy, dealing X damage. Rabbit has an equal chance to find a good and unripe carrot.

Active: Rabbit collects 10 carrots at once, quickly sorts the good one from unripe and then throws good carrots to random allies, healing them for X HP and dealing X damage to enemies with unripe carrots.

Green skill: Carrot Share
Rabbit pass his carrots to all allies, healing for X HP and removing all disables from them.

When an ally had full HP they will instead receive shield with X HP and increasing their basic damage by X for 10 seconds.

Blue skill: Stay Away From Garden! :fist: (normal damage)
When an enemy comes to melee range of Rabbit his active negative effects will be removed, additionally, Rabbit will dodge all attacks for the next 5 seconds, increasing his basic damage by X and increasing his attack speed by 150%. While this skill is active, Rabbit will attack allies with the rake, dealing range attack to nearest enemies at once. Rabbit deals X damage with each attack.

This skill triggers once every 10 seconds.

Purple skill: Garden Protection
Rabbit and allies dodge all attacks and disables for the first 2 seconds of each battle.
For each dodge, Rabbit and allies receive X skill power and 10% attack speed for the remainder of the wave.

Red skill: Carrot Power
Rabbit now collects 2 carrots from his basic attacks, each carrot can be different and performing their actions.

While ‘‘Stay Away From Garden!’’ is activated, Rabbit removes 2 disables with each attack from allies and randomly applies to enemies, each applied disable lasts for 8 seconds.
Allies near Rabbit are healed by X HP every 2 seconds.

Additional stat boosts:

+X Crit Damage
+X heal to ‘‘Garden Collection’’


Tigger - Preparing for the Spring


Evasion and Tenacity Control

  • +X HP
  • +X BD
  • Rabbit’s basic attacks increases evasion and tenacity by 5 on allies and decreases evasion and tenacity by 5 on enemies, this depends on where carrot was given; each lasts for 6 seconds (+5 evasion and tenacity)

Judy Hopps - Missing Crops


More Successful Attacks

  • +X BD
  • +X SP
  • When Rabbit or allies deals damage which is lower of 1% of the targets max. HP the next basic attack will be increased by 100% and stunning the target for 3 seconds (+1% HP ; +100% damage)

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Now you can see Rabbit

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