Rafiki Cannot Be Touched

Sparring with Rafiki in a 2 heroes vs. Rafiki, and noticed that after Rafiki uses his active, my attacking hero (Ursula) completely stopped attacking him, as if he was untargetable. Any possible explanations? Thinking it’s a bug.


What was the other hero on your team with Ursula? I just did some testing where Rafiki used Active Breath, and then used Martial Mandrill, stunning Ursula. Once the stun was over, she did attack normally.

Possible, she was stunned in your combat?


I had Miguel. I wanted to see what would have happened in a battle with Ursula vs. Rafiki, and so I added in Miguel to support Ursula and limit Rafiki’s speed.

I also used the Rafiki mercenary in a 1v5 spar. Same thing. After Rafiki used his active, everyone stopped attacking him even after he stopped meditating.

EDIT: Tried another spar with me using Rafiki against 5. Worked like it should.

:thinking: If you have screenshots or (even better) a video of this happening, that’d be helpful!

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:+1: I can try to do so.

I also just saw this happen in arena. Had DWD and Meg vs a lone Rafiki, and they both just stood there for 40 seconds, even when the stun wore off.

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Nick keeps charming my Rafiki shortly after his white skill is activated, causing his 11 second healing to be cut very short.

Server 19 facing breaker 124 in invasion contains Rafiki.

I kill all other enemies but Rafiki and my team stops cold once he’s left. They stand there while Rafiki does is changes between taking shots at my team and meditation (none of which had stopped me while I was killing the rest of the opponents prior to that point). The only action any of the 4 remaining heroes on my team make (Calhoun, Duke, Felix, Rex) is that Felix will heal himself as Rafiki is busting him up. Over 30seconds with no other action from anyone on my team.

Must be glitch.



I was playing invasion. My team of 5 cleared everyone except Rafiki. They stood there & slowly lost. I did take video of it since this has happened a couple times now. I can’t start a support ticket though. I’m getting the known issue ‘error message’ when trying to send one. Update : I did get a message to support.


This happened to me to

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This happened to me.

Break Out Quest 22 - Server 18. Sully’s Heal would still play.

Even if you took hero’s off Auto and tap to attack, no attack would animate or deal damage.

Steps To Repro:

  1. Open game and navigate to invasion.
  2. Pick 5 hero’s and play naturally until user comes across a Rakifi A.I.
  3. Fight A.I. Observing when Rafiki uses his Heal move.


Rakifi doesn’t take any damage from users hero’s. No fighting animations or damage is recorded. Once Rafiki is finished his healing move, he will attack, injuring one of the users hero’s. Rafiki will then go back to healing. The timer will run down, meaning the user is defeated. Blocking progression, moving on within Hero Breaker Quests. Using Stamina to try and defeat Rafiki alone.

Issue occurred 3/4 attempts.

Note: I did manage to get past Rafiki, only because I had some hero’s with specials at the start of the fight. Meaning I could kill him before he used his Heal ability.


Hope this can help.


Had the same problem . It seams to be a bug interaction with ‘enchant’ mechanics.

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I’ve added this to the known issues list and the team is looking into it!


It happened to me in invasion using sully jack sparrow yax finnick, Nick. Breaker 35 and 36. I switched to jack sparrow, tax finnick Nick jack skellington and it didn’t happen so I assume sully and rafiki were bugged.

I ran into exact same situation facing a line with Rafiki in invasion. My five heroes were motionless for 40 seconds once Rafiki was the lone opponent.

It happened to me in a breakout quest and captured it on video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/serv8uqjjtoqeoo/SVID_20190717_142114.mp4?dl=0

I wanted to add my own experience and video proof of encountering this error: https://streamable.com/uxnb3

This is unacceptable this bug has been around for over 2 weeks now. Its game breaking, as it is now forcing folks to lose arena or colesium fights. PerBlue quickly fixed an item that involved spending money last week with Beast, But this one they havent done anything, just like when they broke Woodys main skill and they took forever to fix it.

They said they fixed it in the patch notes, no need to get your feathers all ruffled.

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