Raid Ticket Help

So. I bought a deal that had 1100 of the x60 stamina items and 1100 raid tickets that combined with my 87 raid tickets was 1187 raid tickets. I do understand how I lost my raid tickets so fast (By 876) but what is frustrating me beyond all reasonable measurement is that I have no idea how I am supposed to get more efficiently. I can play through campaign sure but his am I supposed to get thousands of them!? I have 30M gold I wish I could sell it all for the raid tickets but I don’t think I can. Is there a way of getting raid tickets that I missed somehow?

I would love to know the answer to this too! It’s driving me crazy not having tickets!

The simplest way to get a large amount of raid tickets is to increase your VIP level by spending real money but the truth is that if you do this you will end up with so many more than you can possibly use, and the amount you have will just keep increasing daily.
I currently have just under 30 thousand of them and can’t spend them as quickly as I get them.

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Also make sure that you take advantage of double drop events

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Diffenitly not. I rarely have any spare money EVER so that definatley isn’t simple.

Do the majority of your raiding while a double drop is active - you’ll consume 0 tickets in that time.

It’s the best strategy to advance, anyway :man_shrugging: