Raid Tickets Disapearing

Today I bought a huge Stamina bundle. 950 stamina potions 2 Team XP 2× and 2 Gold 2×
After that I came to the realization that half of my raid tickets were gone! I had 1,000something and now had 500something!

Even worse when raiding after this (With only the first 50 stamina potions or so) I was not getting as many as I used to and quickly ran out!

Has anyone else experienced this?! How can I get more (Other than my daily)! @Polaris can I get compensation? I submitted a support ticket and have yet to receive a response!

Unless there was a double drop active, 50 stamina potions on the lowest cost raids should consume around 250 raid tickets. 200 potions and your supply would be gone :stuck_out_tongue: