Randall Boggs crates have been skipped s16

Since you have released the new event exclusive crates with Linguini & Remi on s16 you skipped the Randall Crates.

Linguini & Remi
Randall Boggs crates (missing)
Gonzo crates
Mod upgrade crates
Memory crates
Hero chip crates

Since then …order may be wrong
Just wanna know why they have been skipped :roll_eyes:
these crates should have been there weeks ago

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Там это где? Я же вам писал. Что то что вы выкладывает в игру невозможно перевести, щас отправлю скриншот

Randall is not an Event Exclusive hero, so there won’t be “Randall crates”. He should be available in either the Elite campaign or a shop depending on your server.


Unfortunetly that’s not the case on S16 right now


Hmm, I stand corrected. Thanks for the info.

Honestly, the longer it takes Randall to become available to people on your server, the better. His nerf helped, but he’s still so strong that Arena is very boring right now.

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Agreed. The only problem here is he was available for some to get him already, but the rest of us can’t >.>

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