Randall Broken?

Okay this may have been discussed or not. Not in the mood to sort thru forums.

I would like to know what mechanic allows Randall to kill multiple toons at the same time…Not one of his skills is an arena of effect. His counter attack is every 6 seconds or 3 when below 50%. So how then does he kill 3-4 toons at the exact same time. I’ve seen this since he was introduced. But today it really ticked me off. I fought a line with Randall in it today in Coliseum several times.

My line was a burst damage of Goofy, Hades, Jafar, Megavolt and Randall. My Jafar does his Whirlwind and killed the other 4 toons with the enemy Randall immediately at the start of the fight. Then Randall slinks to the back row killing my Jafar and as soon as he does 3 of my other toons just fall over and die. Then Hades revives where upon Randall walks over and kills him and then walks over and kills my Randall. My Randall has the same 5* Gaston disk is stronger than the opposite one in mods yet dies every time.

Frankly put the mechanics are broken. No ifs and or buts about it. Randall shouldn’t kill 5 toons by himself one of which is a Randall. And he should NOT kill multiple toons at once. Please look into this. It was 10x worse before you made change’s to him but he is still to strong with broken mechanics.

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Some heroes’ basic attacks do hit multiple enemies if they are clumped up or in a vertical line. I’ve seen Mim smack two enemies with her broom. But counters seem to also have this perk. Sparrow and Bo Peep can kill multiples with a single counter if they’re close enough (it seems close enough can be half the stage sometimes). My server doesn’t have Randall, but if he’s like the other counter heroes he can.

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I’m seeing the same results with Randall. Piggy also seems do it, her knockback conveniently grouping her enemies. These two heroes are destroying the pvp meta on our server. And Randall is suppose to be a “Glass cannon”. Nicely done.

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Yeah. It’s really annoying, but we can only hope that they nerf him, like they did with Quorra. Nerf that thing to the ground.

Yeah sure what a great idea continue to cry about him and ask for more nerf. Perblue is killing the game listening only to people who always complain and asks for nerf…

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I’m not asking for a nerf. I’m asking for the character to act in the parameters of his abilities and the game mechanics. The toons are not in a line or groups because Randall doesn’t do that… but 3-4 toons instantly dieing isnt correct Period.

I have seen this on dozens of occasions. Jack Sparrow Barrage cannon Area of effect…Jafar Whirlwind area of effect. I understand how they kill several at once…But Randall has NOTHING like that. I am simply posing the question as to HOW?

The thing is that Randall’s Blue skill has a very wide damage area. While Bo and Jack damage enemies nearby, Randall often deals damage to almost all enemies.

This post is so true specially In city watch having to fight Randal multiple times killing your team. Sometimes I can clear it if I’m lucky sometimes I cant specially with the city watch wards.

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Your lucky Randal is not on your server. Enjoy it well you can.

PerBlue stated Randall was supposed to be a glass cannon. Their recent nerf to him did nothing. It was like when they nerfed Quorra the first time and it didnt work. They need to go back to the drawing board. After the Joy nerf it almost nulled out the Randall Nerf.

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Yeah he’s definitely a glass cannon allright…

Randall literally is making this game unfun to play. Mine is 155 R4. And it’s so dumb to watch a fight come down to Randall vs Randall and hope one gets his invisible off first to win.

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