Randall Buggs

Randall Buggs:

With this post i will have a close look at Randall and why he is so broken.
Spoiler: It is caused by a bug!

First, i made a video of the attack i done:

Second the stats of Randall:

Most important is the 1st and 4th skill.
Here it says that Randall will go to the enemy with the most HP and does 160K fantastic damage.
The nearby enemies are scared for 10 seconds. So only one toon is damaged 1 time!
The forth skill makes him do 200% damage on scared toons. This means with scared fantastic damage always crits and 200% damage = 960K damage.

If we have a look at the video we can see that first everything looks fine.

50K Damage is also resonable because Lauchpad got decent armor and is protected by Megara.
This mean about half the basic damage of Randall is blocked.
The next attacks are all fine too. There are more basic attacks and the 3 skill kicking in for blocking.

Than Randal is using his skill attack. Remember this attack only hits one target once and is doing 200% damage and crits.
In total it should be about 960K damage that is halfed by reality and Megaras protection. This means about half the damage should be done to Launchpad.

Here you can clearly see that about half the damage is done but Randall hits 2 times.
That means the active skill does 2 times the damage it should normally do (about 400k more)
But that is not all.
The next attacks are all fine until Randall hits the next active white skill attack.

You can see. Not only hits he 2 times he hits Megara 2 times too.
That means the active skill does 4 times more damage than it should (about 1.200K)

In total this doubles the damage form Randall because of this bugs!

And this is only with 2 toons against Randall.
If more than 2 toons are around him the damage is 6, 8 or even 10 times higher than it should be!

Please fix this bug as soon as possible


Please @Polaris. Get this fixed. Randall has ruined the game.

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Definitely his attacks are over the top!

While providing the support with more details i found another bug :scream:

First the video:

At second 16 of the video Randall starts an attack.
He hits all the targets with this attack.
Letz have a quick look at the attack!

All the toons are scared and they all got a critical hit.
This means the hit must be a fantastic damage hit.
Only 2 skills of Randall doing fantastic damage.
The White and the Blue skill.
Randall did turn invisible and the skillpower is almost full.
This means it is not possible that it is the White skill.
So the only skill left is the Blue skill where Randall counters one attack.
On the skill is not metioned that it will hit all toons with the counter.
And if we have a look at the first part of the video the Blue skill hits only one toon there.

So again a bug with Randall


@Polaris please take a look at this.

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Another issue they should fix is he resurrects on every instance you fight him in city watch, the current wording on his skillis correct but it should be nerfed. Any other character that resurrects if you lose after killing them the first time, and send in a new wave of characters they’ve already used up their resurrection. However I’ve fought multiple Randall that will resurrect on every new team sent in. I’ve even sent in 6 waves of 5 maxed heroes (sure they were random non synergy heroes) just trying to kill him but he kept resurrecting. For a glasses cannon that’s just too much. He’s more like a transparent aluminum cannon soaked in repairing nanomachines.


@Polaris please mention this to whoever to get it fixed asap, Randall is such a pain and is soooooo broken, pleaseeeeee!!! He is only supposed to attack 1 hero but his special will wipe out my FULL team of R4 heroes totally broken makes every game mode broken, also why on earth if the city watch pulls from Coliseum why does 13 out of 15 areas have Randall Boggs in the line up this seems very coincidental to me because its 1 out of 3 line ups so I could understand maybe 5 zones out of 15 but not 13 or 14 even sometimes EVERYDAY. ALSO to justify Randall is way to op is that you can literally solo up to breaker level 200 to 250 in the yellow invasion SERIOUSLY!!!


I like how this is presented as solid evidence. I only hope that this proves how new heroes are just so poorly handled and this evidence is being treated VERY seriously.


Randals is very annoying he’s all you need on your team the rest of the toons don’t matter. I hate CW he’s and every battle. Killing all your toons at once one shot them all. And every arena every zone in surge. Very hard to get head because of Randal broken skill. Lower guild members cant do surge because of Randal. I dont dont even get on much because of Randal fighting 212k Randal in CW. I Dont spend money anymore he makes the game useless.

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Amen well said .

I am in a privat discussion with the support. I was told that the 2 hits on ONE toon is intended and no bug.
But he hits multiple targets.

I looked at the multible toon damage of my second post again and the numbers do not add up that this could be damage from the blue skill.
This damage comes from a basic attack that does skill damage and hits all toons.
There is no skill that has this feature so it is definitely a bug.

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Well… Megara takes a percentage of damage her linked ally takes

His counter attack can hit multiple opponents. All counters are area affect with the hero as the origin point so when they are in a group of heroes they’ll hit more than if they are on the edge of a group of heroes. In that specific screenshot, Randall is right in the middle of all the heroes, and that’s why he’s hitting them all.


Can you not at least add some directional logic to the area of effect? Last time I checked, I cant punch people behind me by swinging my arm at the guy in front of me, no matter how hard I swing.

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@Polaris You should tell PB to change Randall’s Purple Skill so he only does 50% more damage to scared enemies instead of 200%!!! PLEASE DO THIS!!!


Randell is bug he’s wiping your entire team in cw. Everyone been trying to get that bug fix.but per blue fixes Hooks skills. Which is cool but what about randalls bug?

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