Rapunzel and Mother Gothel character concepts

Rapunzel is a :star::star: mid-line support hero.
Entrance: Rapunzel walks in brushing her hair, then throws out the brush.
Defeat: Rapunzel confidently swings her pan around and bangs herself in the head.
Victory: Rapunzel swings her pan around and puts her hand on her hip.
Basic attack: Rapunzel wacks an enemy with her pan.
White skill: Flower gleam and glow: Rapunzel throws out her hair to all her allies, causing them to feel younger again. All allies including Rapunzel are healed for X hp and their max hp are increased by X for the remainder of the battle, and increasing their attack speed by 200% for 4 seconds.
Green: Gotta get me one of these!: Rapunzel tosses her pan, which bounces on 3 enemies, dealing X damage and stunning them for 4 seconds.
Blue: I have a dream!: Each enemy hit with her green skill now loses 250 energy and X armor and reality, which she distributes to her 3 weakest allies.
Purple: Not tough enough?: Now every 3rd enemy she strikes with her basic attack will be handed a random debuff and have X bonus hp stolen, which she gives to her weakest ally.

Yellow team
Friends: Mother Gothel
Green skill now hits 1 more enemy per star. Skill power increases per disc level. Stuns will stack if the pan hits the same enemy multiple times.

Mother Gothel is a :star::star: front-line damage hero.
Entrance: Mother Gothel walks in with a grin, cloak flowing behind.
Defeat: Mother Gothel turns super wrinkly and vanishes.
Victory: Mother Gothel laughs deeply with her dagger raised.
Basic attack: Mother Gothel will stab enemies with her dagger.
White: The world is cruel: Mother Gothel strikes the 3 closest enemies dealing them X damage and causing them X damage per second for 5 seconds. Enemies will also be slowed by 80% for 2 seconds, has a chance to last only 1 second on enemies level X or higher.
Green: So nieve: Mother Gothel holds a glowing green lantern in front of her face, scaring enemies and slowing their attacks by 50% for 6 seconds. The scare has a chance to fail on enemies level X or higher.
Blue: Now I’m the bad guy: Mother Gothel will gain 200% attack speed and X bonus damage when she drops below 50% max hp. If she is healed and rises above 50% hp then drops below again blue skill will stack.
Purple: Mother knows best: Mother Gothel gains 50% of all damage dealt back as healing. Has a chance to only be 25% against enemies level X or higher.

Red team
Friends: Rapunzel
Purple skill now gains back 5% more damage as healing per star. Basic damage increases per disc level.


A 4 second buff or 2 second debuff isn’t going to make much of a difference. Other than that, great!

And friends don’t work like that Rapunzel and Gothel
And Gothel And Rapunzel are the same. Each needs to be different. Other than that and the short status effects and the fact that this belongs in the hero wishlist.

Great concept!!

The debuffs handed out will last until the enemy is killed.

So any other opinions?