Rapunzel concept

Entrance:She walks peacefully to the battlefield.
Win:She bows.
Ko:Spins dizzy and gets tangled in her own hair.
Basic attack:She uses her pan on the nearest enemy dealing X damage.
White skill:Hair tangle.
Rapunzel drops her pan and ties up the furtherest enemy bringing to the front line.
This has chance against enemies above level X.
Green skill:Hair whip
Rapunzel shakes her head sideways dealing X damage to the enemies at the left side.
Blue skill:Pan gong
Rapunzel starts banging her pan to the ground scaring the enemies for X seconds.
The scare has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.
Purple skill:Damage bonus
Whenever Rapunzel damages a damage role character she receives X energy.
Friends:Gaston and Mickey Mouse
Gaston disk:Tight and blonde
Whenever Rapunzel uses hair tangle it now gives the enemy it now also blinds them.
Mickey disk:Missing home.
At the beginning of each wave the study effect is applies to the enemy with the less health.
Quote:Why does my hair have to be long?
Things that are no sense but reasons why.
The reason why the disk tight and blonde blinds enemies because when tangled by rapunzel’s hair it supposed to also supposed to be on their faces.
The reason why the disk missing home gives the studying effect is because it is like studying a way back home with somebody.
Obtain:Gold crate,Diamond crate and Challenge shop.

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