Ratigan ‎‎


Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Ratigan walks onto his position while checking his watch.
Victory: Ratigan smiles.
Defeat: Ratigan gets very angry.

Quote: “Oh, I love it when I’m nasty.”

Basic attack: Ratigan claws his nearest enemies.

White Skill: Execution :shield:
Ratigan rings his handy bell, this removes all active buffs from enemies, and applies 6 stacks of Fatigue, 5 stacks of Weakness for 14 seconds, and silences and scares enemies for 10 seconds.
Immediately after the debuffs are applied to enemies, Ratigan’s cat, Felicia, swallows the enemy with the lowest HP remaining, this enemy returns after 5 seconds with 50% less HP than before being swallowed.

Felicia immediately KO the enemy if they had 50% of their Max HP or less while being swallowed. Whenever the enemy is KO’d this way Ratigan and allies receive 400 energy and cleanse from all debuffs on them.

The energy granted is reduced for allies above level X.

Green Skill: Perfect Trap :fist:
Ratigan throws a mouse trap at a random place towards enemies, when an enemy lands on the mouse trap that enemy loses all their buffs, takes X Normal Damage, X Fantastic Damage, and X True Damage, and becomes stunned and snared for 10 seconds.

If no enemy landed on the mouse trap it will automatically activate after 5 seconds and apply the effects towards the nearest enemy during activation.

Ratigan steals 100% energy from enemies KO’d by this skill.

Blue Skill: Uncatchable Criminal
Ratigan has a 40% chance to dodge any attacks, whenever he dodges an attack he heals X HP.

Every 5 seconds, Ratigan cleanses himself and gains 5% Basic Damage and Skill Power for the remainder of the wave per debuff cleansed.

Purple Skill: Feral RAT!
Once per wave, when Ratigan would be KO’d he revives with 100% of his HP, becomes Berserk for 10 seconds, and has all his Basic Damage and Skill Power increased by 200%. While Berserking, Ratigan is immune to all debuffs and has his Attack and Movement Speed increased by 150%.
Berserk cannot be removed by the enemy’s skills.

Ratigan keeps all his buffs while reviving.

The heal from revive is less effective if Ratigan is above level X.

Red Skill: Criminal Mastermind :fist:
Ratigan starts each wave with 1000 energy. When an enemy is KO’d by ‘‘Execution’’, Ratigan and his allies heal for 100% of their Max HP.

Ratigan’s basic attacks apply 3 stacks of Fatigue to damaged enemies.
Whenever an enemy uses a stack of Fatigue, including cleanses, that enemy takes X Normal Damage per stack of Fatigue.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Armor Negation


Basil - Frenemies for a Day

Two Traps with '‘Perfect Trap’'

  • +X HP
  • +X SP
  • Ratigan now throws 2 mouse traps with ‘‘Perfect Trap’’; Ratigan steals up to 2 buffs which were removed by this skill from each enemy (+2 buffs per star)
  • ‘‘Perfect Trap’’ has a 6% shorter Cooldown (+6% per star)

The Horned King - New King

More Damage When Debuffs Fail

  • +X BD to Ratigan and allies
  • +X Armor
  • +X Reality
  • Whenever Ratigan or his allies fail to apply a debuff their Basic Damage and Skill Power are increased by 20% for 6 seconds (+20% per star)

Nice I like this and I think that they should add him to the game :slightly_smiling_face::+1::heart::blue_heart:

Great concept! I love this movie and Ratigan definitely should be added. :+1:

It only makes sense to add him, we had Basil for over 2 years but not him.

Nice concept! Such an op hero

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