Raya mods help and crit mods


I would like some help with my mods for Raya please !

I know with mods it is good to have HP reality and armor, attack speed and skill color upgrades …

I don’t think I understand how crit mod works !
If the crit mod raises your crit on stats enough so the number matches the level of the enemy, it will always be a crit?

Well … Raya might be a character who needs crit mods but I don’t know …
Any help will be nice
Thank you

As far as I know, the difference between your crit stat and the enemy level is the chance for your attack to crit. But I could be wrong :man_shrugging:


yes, the crit stat needs to be 100 more than the enemy level to guarantee a crit - and thus 200 more to guarantee a super crit.


Raya’s best mod set is full normal crit


I run 2x HP both have hp upgrades(reality and armor) with 2x basic damage mods with normal crit upgrades

Works pretty balanced.

Also crit mods work based on the level of your enemies and normal crit stat on your hero

Suppose a hero has 320 normal crit and the enemy hero level is 250, You have a 320-250=70% chance to hit enemies with crit damage on your normal skill damage attacks and basic attacks.

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