Reaper Death (Orginal Character)

Reaper Death

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Role: Tank

Position: Front

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

“Death is misunderstood force of nature. Either you love it or you hate it. Mostly it’s the latter.”

Stoic and eerie, the son of the Grim Reaper reaps the souls of those who dare cross his path.

Entrance: He appears out of the mist and takes out his scythe

Victory: Gives a small smile

Defeat: Let’s out a sigh

Basic Attack: Swing his scythe

White Skill: Death’s Wish (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:) Reaper digs his scythe into ground causing the ground to crack, letting spirits of the dead looses and attack enemies dealing X damage

Green Skill: The Face of Death: Reaper takes off his hood, revealing his eyeless face, which scares enemies for 7 seconds

The scare is less effective against enemies that are less than level Y

Blue Skill: Times Up: (True Damage :shield:) When an enemy is at 30% health, Reaper’s next basic attack on it will be instantly KOed.

The soul that Reaper collects will give Reaper Z HP

Purple Skill: Rise of the Fallen: When a ally has fallen, Reaper brings them back into battle giving a full HP bar and energy bar. This only works once per battle.

Red Skill: Cold Embrace: Any enemies that is frozen, Reaper will be given Z HP for the duration of the freeze.

Less HP will be given if the enemy is less than level Y

Z Armor
Z Reality
X damage in Death’s Wish

Miguel Rivera

Campaign: A Day with the Dead: Miguel already knows that his family members that are alive are in the city. But what about his dead realitives like Hector and Imelda. They could be in serious danger. After hearing his predicament, Tera takes him to her good friend, Reaper, who she believed would be the perfect person to help Miguel (after all, he is the son of Death himself). The gloomy reaper agreed to help the boy find any of his dead realitives that might have been whisked into city.

Disk: Remember Me

Star Power: When Rise of the Fallen is activated, the resurrected ally will gain invincibility for Z seconds

Level Power: Z Armor, Z Tenacity to tank allies



Campaign: Dearly Departed: Rapunzel and Maximus start there own taxi service since Maximus is the fastest horse in the city. It would be a fun and fast way to get people from A to B. It gets strange when their first passager is a hooded youth named Reaper. He has some places he needs to be and has a few simple requests. First, they need to get there on a special route that he made. Second, they need to be there on a schedule. Third, and most important, no matter what they see. No matter what they hear. No matter what happens. Under no circumstances are they allowed to interfere. Maximus is a little skeptical of this cloaked figure but Rapunzel assures him it’ll be fine. How bad could it be?

Disk: Life and Death

Star Power: Death’s Wish can gives Reaper Z HP

Level Power: Z HP Regain, Z Max HP


This is an incredible concept! I was going to do a reaper-esque concept with Chancellor Nightshade, but I guess you beat me to it!

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