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@polaris Just wanted to fill you in on the recent mega market and black market refresh update within the game itself. For starters I want to say thank you so much for revamping the amounts stamina batteries you can obtain ingame , I really knew this was the best way to bring back the community and get everyone excited again! Logistic wise i have already had 2 really old guild mates rejoin Disney since the update which was really what we were aiming for when these updates were in the planning process! Literally everyone I come across has been in rejoice that they can finally bridge the gap and compete with us elder veteran players! This has caused a huge spike of excitement within the community and within the guild leader inner circle itself! I couldn’t be any happier nor prouder of you guys and gals in the office for growing and taking in ideas from us veteran gaming professionals! This is saying a lot coming from myself because I have had a long long career of staffing and administrating on a great amount of games and forums. Keep up the great work polaris and pb!

Future update ideas

  1. revamp guild crate to level scaled rewards (maybe add in a fair amount of mod currency and maybe shop refresh and stamina rebuy items)
  2. Add red hero drinks to ports
  3. Create and add flashier automated borders to collections shop
  4. Add season invasion play with extended reward tiers (maybe add 5 more every cap rise)
  5. Revamp gold crates (maybe as an easy fix take out white/green/blue quality items and add purple/orange/red quality items scaled to team level)

Hope you find this post amusing and enlightening everyone!

-hero killer


I’d like to add to this. The guild crate should be gifting items to every guildmate, that way one person isn’t always selfish.

Yes! PerBlue needs to update the collections shop. So many collections but not sufficient items to buy.


Tyvm for the support and the kind feedback!

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Absolute agree to all these points. With the current state of the game, the original methods of obtaining items definitely needs to be buffed a bit. The upgrade to the marts are fantastic and I would love to see this trend continue.


Agree heavenly with the ports , not only juices but the red coins should be added to them by now. Also think more guild perks (advanced levels of current perks like hire to level five from the level three up mercs, the percentage of a double drop chance passed 3% to maybe 10% and levels pass level 22, and more consumables ) are definitely needed as well.


Tyvm for the support and nice idea! Love that this post is getting players brainstorming!

Bumping so everyone can find this post again

Thanks :kissing_heart:

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