Recommend Codebase team

Any advice on what team to use?
I had a team that worked out beautifully for a long long time.
Something changed in the game… And now it’s useless… :confused:

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Depending on your level and rank you can pretty much hit it with anything because rhe codebase hasn’t scaled with rank
At max Y21 rank a solo bolt kills it in 10 seconds and dies, saving you from sitting there watching the screen for 5 minutes

The best team for max points however is:

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Solo good Jack Sparrow.
Solo maxed Aladdin and Calhoun.


I used to use a similar team, with Maximus instead of Clawhauser. All at Y0. Worked like a charm for the longest time.
But something did change, cause now they die very fast.

Calhoun. Only Calhoun.

Dash, only dash without auto … quick and full boxes

Is everyone just going to list every character that can be used to solo the megavirus…? -____-

Gosh it seems like it :man_facepalming:

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I use that team. They used to do pretty well. Now they die quickly. Whom or what do I upgrade first to get a better score? Color Level, Skills, Friend Disk, Mods?

It really depends on what you have upgraded?
Are all of them white? Green? Blue?
Mods level 1?
Kinda difficult to say upgrade x if I dont know what you do or do not have

Also, score doesn’t matter
As long as you hit level 30 and get the 361 cough useless cough megabits you are fine

Code block

Kermit 6 340 Y06 GO 190 6 212 70D 60D 60S 50S
Animal 6 340 Y04 GO 180 6 205 55C 55C 50D 50D
Gizmo 6 340 Y03 DU 180 6 223 80C 60D 90D 70S
Clauha 6 340 Y07 LI 180 6 185 80C 60D 50D 60S
Slinky 6 340 Y09 Po 180 6 180 130C 130C 100D 60D

Really? I know she can wipe out most invasion bosses by herself (I have her do that all the time), but the mega virus too?

Hi, please read this post:

And then this post:

The megavirus currently does not scale - the team is planning to update this in the future based on the State of the Game post.
So, if your hero is high enough you can attack it with most heroes and it will get you enough points to claim the rewards.

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I have only been doing Bolt and Angel to max the level and be done. No point in maxing the points. Just get to level 30 around 2M and be done.


My team:
(Nice team, but i have an issue. When countdown reach one minute left, i can’t get any more point!)

That is the maximum points anyone can get for codebase

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