Recruiting on Server 21, BlitzNChitz

Huzzah! I am Cindernellie!! I have sprung forth to break the confines of social anxiety and step out of my comfort zone to seek guild members for BlitzNChitz.
I would like to build a team that works together to strategize and DOMINATE the arenas!!! Having fun conversation is also a top priority!
As of Wednesday 3/25/2020, I have 63,185/100,000 guild thingies to level up guild perks. I am at team level 66 with my lowest member level around 23… I’ve unlocked 15 Tanks, 20 Damage, 9 Support and 11 Control characters.
I’m on the east coast of the U.S. and I play EVERY DAY, although I do prioritize “Merge Dragons” when they have special events (roughly every other weekend). I will need a trustworthy 2nd in command that isn’t afraid to take the occasional lead, plan and strategize operations and communicate effectively with other players.
Thank YOU for taking the time to consider joining! Persons that appreciate the guild name and can reference the show should feel right at home!

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