Red invation coming up team

i need help for an invation team i do have ms inc but he is weak disk is 2 stars

Darkwing Duck is good for invasion

…no he’s not


Why he’s not good at invasion?

Have you used him in Invasion against Mama Bots? If so please give us evidence, i.e. photos, of him being remotely helpful.

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Yes I use him


You have two choices for red invasion: Gizmoduck (Duke Caboom disk strongly recommended, but not necessary if your team is strong enough), and Wasabi (Syndrome disk necessary, the more stars the better but potentially usable with even 2 stars, and definitely usable with 3).

With Gizmoduck, you’ll want Pleakley or Evil Queen to do damage (they don’t have to be maxed out, but you should probably try to get them to orange), Animal(Go) to speed things up, and some way to protect Gizmoduck (either through slows, a strong tank in front of him, or a strong Timon & Pumbaa giving him lots of armor).

With Wasabi(Sy), you just need some way to protect him (probably Angel and either King Louie(Pe) or Stitch(Ma), but there might be other options).


What is with u and darkwing duck

Because I like the show


Lol hes ok

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i need a team not a discussion about dawin duck

Ur lucky we are helpbud

Gizmo duck is good for invasion

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ok who else

Powerline oh so good

this good or need improvement if so what

That DOES NOT mean he’s good in DHBM.


No, big no. Powerline benefits from blinds which is a disable. Mama bot is immune to disables so he’ll have no effect.

You are choosing characters that disable. Mama bot is immune to ALL disables (Stun, freeze, charm, silence, blind, hex, and transformations).


Yes it’s good

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