Red skill upgrade not working

Any1 else getting an error issue while trying to upgrade red skills? I personally keep getting an error message everytime @Samm…with these odd toons for contest we really need to be able to upgrade to be useful


We’re working to fix the problem! I don’t have an estimate on when we’ll be able to have it fixed in the live game yet, though.


Try upgrading the red skill a little bit at a time, just the same number of levels as you have Skill Points for at the moment. I posted a video here a couple of days ago showing that going over that number is what causes the error.

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I’m having this problem specifically, with Magica de Spell. For a while, I couldn’t get Nick Wilde’s up either, but I was eventually able to level his red skill up. Nobody else has had this problem in my roster.

I am getting an error when I don’t have skill points and now the error is gone but it has started using my skill points consumables again. I doesn’t use the points but it used the consumables and I am left with lots of unused skill points that I ant return to their consumables form . I don’t want to use these consumables, I am saving them, I want to wait for my skill points to replenished on their own with time.

what :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ? I don’t see this happended.

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