Red Skills difficulty

Don’t you think getting max red skill is too hard? You may have literally thousands of red skill chips, but the problem is the hero chips which are not easily obtainable. @Loutre , wouldn’t it be possible for that to be changed? I mean, requiring only gold and red skill chips for leveling up that one. Between mods and red skills, hero chips run out fast.


It is a HUGE problem, takes too long to max red skills.
New heroes have very limited sources of hero chips, and all heroes outside of elite camp skill chips too.

Prize wall could be giving more hero chips, and maybe crates too

in september i upgraded 30 characters to max red skill. every day I cleaned all the heroic levels with it. besides that, about 20 more on average 180+ level of red skill. there is no problem with pumping.

How is that possible? There are not enough hero chips for that. Skill chips are not the problem


They still are, less than before, but still.

Well, how is that possible. This game is 3 years old. a huge number of old people have thousands of hero chips. now I have 5k buzz lightyear, rex and gin 4k and so on. yes, there are few chips of new characters, but not all at once.

Honestly it’s in no way the same level of problems as before, it was a much needed improvement and now we wait for them to fix battle badges and maybe even regular badges.

To much chips only new heroes is hard.

Yellow is much harder though

That’s the whole thing.

There is a problem.

I mean, it’s not like we need to worry about whether new players can max red skills, right?

Not to mention without heavy spending it’d be something like 5k chips top for the few 3 star heroes specifically. And not enough for literally everyone else. So being an old player helps but it’s not enough…

How many of those heroes do you really use?

I know this isn’t me, but Barbossa and Merlin are the only ones tbh

For anyone not aware, gold crates are a GREAT source of hero chips. This year I started dumping spare gold into these crates and went from not having most heros at 6 stars to having 1-2k excess chips for all heros in these crates.

Also the blue (team) crates we’ve gotten from the past two trial events helped me finish hatter’s red skill and now have a stockpile of 800 hero chips.

I think only newer/non-crated heros really have the issue of it being impossible to get enough hero chips for them.

They’re very helpful, with two caveats:

  1. Even disregarding “special event” heroes, there’s 54 two- or three-star unlock heroes that are, as of now, unavailable from those crates; you can spend trillions of gold on them, and not get even one single chip for, e.g., Mad Hatter.

  2. It’s extremely time-consuming to get any significant quantity of chips through this route. Every “buy 100” purchase gets you, on average, about 10 hero chips from a pool of (currently) about 120 heroes, so you’re looking at having to make that purchase probably over ten thousand times to get even a thousand hero chips, and as it currently costs over 3000 hero chips to max a red skill, even that may not be enough.

Yes, those team crates have been a tremendous boon in that regard; the question is, will PerBlue continue this practice long enough to feature the other team colors, or is it a short-term benefit due to go away as early as the next trial?

I honestly think PerBlue really needs to take a close look at the hero chip economy and try to find some way to allow even new players to max the red skill of any desired hero within a reasonable timespan (say, 2 months or so); but until then, I’d say that something as simple as adding a “buy 1000” button to gold crates, and adding all two- and three-star unlock heroes to them, would at least help matters considerably.

For the record, if anyone’s curious:

Two-star unlock heroes

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew & Beaker, Pleakley, Jumba, Baloo, The Evil Queen, Li Shang, Goliath, Hank & Dory, Magica De Spell, Oogie Boogie, Donald Duck, Gizmoduck, Captain Hook, Randall, Megavolt, Yzma, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Tron, Jafar, Rafiki, Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Kim Possible, Merlin, Anger, Alice, The Mad Hatter, Darkwing Duck, Elsa, Sally, Ursula, Baymax, Hiro, WALL-E, Sulley & Boo, Emperor Zurg, Jessie, Woody, Mr. Incredible, Chief Bogo, Nick Wilde, Felix

Three-star unlock heroes

Scar, Maleficent, Genie, Stitch, Moana, EVE, Mike Wazowski, Rex, Buzz Lightyear, Kevin Flynn, Hector Barbossa

I absolutely agree with your take on things.

I think if PB put all 2/3 star heros in gold crates, added a buy 1000 button, and continue the trial team crate rewards from trial events then the hero chip economy would be in a fairly reasonable place.

I think they should probably also scale the number of chips available through arena/coli/surge stores as well as the elite campaign to keep up with the cost scaling. But I know game devs like to keep resources scarce to motivate people to spend…

The bigger problem would be the amount of gold required, like I need something like 70M just to bring a hero’s skills from 325 to 330, can’t afford to buy that many gold crates

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