Red Team Build

Peter Pan, Simba/Nala, or Rafiki? Go!!

Depends on what Team they are…

Personally, as they are very new, they are powerful… then again, I need a second opinion…

Context is important.
As you’re specifically focusing on a team color, I’m assuming you’re talking about invasion.
In that case, Rafiki is probably the most useful against the bots while S+N is better for breaker quest.

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Out of these three, I’m only using Peter Pan in Invasion. Both Boss fights and Breaker fights. My current Boss team is Goofy - Pan - Quorra (Ev) - Dash (Vi) - Mickey (Ja).

My Pan and S&N are very similar power levels - 2-star, O2, Pan is lower even, but his damage and rate of attack is much higher. He deals damage similar to my much stronger 5-star O3 Quorra, and runs circles around S&N.

Rafiki is useful as a pseudo-tank / frontline damage sponge, but Goofy seems even more useful to me thanks to his team-wide buff.

I am playing around with S&N in both boss and breaker. I feel like they are more useful in boss. I’m currently running Rafiki, Pan(Al), Mickey (Ja), S&N, Hiro(Ba), and Darkwing(Ni) in between both. I also enjoy pan getting the boost from rafiki in boss bots but use DW in breakers more than Rafiki.

I choose to go with Peter Pan as I feel his Chips will be more readily available soon in one of the shops. He does a pretty significant amount of damage and also self heals like most of the new damage heroes. I will also likely build out S&N soon, but I like to wait for chips to really start my builds. The problem is I am trying to complete in Arena and Coliseum with “older” heroes vs. New Teams with Bo Peep, Jafar, D&B, Pumba, and Anger and it is very tough…