Red team building

I’m looking for some tips to re-build red team!
My Quorra, Goofy, and Mickey are in top-tier but others fall behind.
Which heroes would you recommend to add to build a strong red team?

Hiro works an absolute charm in the red invasion. If you trigger his white skill when there are enemies on screen except the boss, his bot will appear behind her and turn her around so none of your team will take any damage from her.

That’ll be a great tactics to keep Quorra alive. Thanks for the tip!

Gizmoduck, especially with his Duke Caboom disk, is easily the single strongest hero for red invasion. This past red invasion was the first time I got all the tier rewards since invasion was just starting out, and Gizmoduck was the only red hero on my final team. (Hades(Me), Gizmoduck(Du), Stitch(Ma), Animal(Go), and Pleakley, if you’re curious.)

I use Hades and Animal on my final team too! Will def try Gizmoduck. Thank you!

Just make sure you have someone behind Gizmoduck who can deal some decent damage; he works by stealing armor from the mama bot and converting it to skill power for those allies who are behind him. Hiro may be good enough, especially paired with Animal, but most Gizmoduck teams that I know of now use Pleakley or Evil Queen in that role.

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