Red Team Suggestions

Mickey Mouse: Support
His healing is incredible, but the damage from his basic attacks isn’t that good. I just think that should be buffed and he’ll have balanced damage and HP.

Scar: Damage
Blue Skill is so overpowered, his invisibility is beast. He does loads of damage, and I think does the most damage of ALL of the heroes in this list.

Mr Incredible: Tank
Blue Skill also is really overpowered, but his damage is what makes him so OP. The Fantastic Damage on Green skill does so much damage! He’s great to have on your team!

Baymax: Another Tank
Green skill is great, but the armor is insanely powerful and useful, especially against Damage heroes

Ian Lightfoot: Control
When he shrinks his opponent, it’s so powerful, they do way less damage and their HP is automatically deducted. Ian is a beast.

Have any other heroes you think should be on this list? Let me know!

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The maticore is pretty decent

I typically use Pooh and Eeyore

Pooh is useful for me. Powerline I’d POWER-ful and Hank and Dory is decent in terms of combat performance

I’m missing:
Timon and Pumba

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Yeah Pooh is a great red team hero. I love playing him, especially in Surge

Yeah she can be good, but not always

I don’t see the reason behind Timon and Pumbaa but everything else I agree.

Yeah they’re great tanks

They stop crits, which is good defense

But please try to keep everything in the least amount of comments possible


Ahhh that is pretty good

I agree, this is the red team heroes that I typically use.

I also use Hank and Dory. Their Pooh disk makes them less prone to KOing cause they get bonus max HP.

I use:

  • Merida (El)

  • Baymax (WA)

  • Goofy (Mi)

  • HDL (Jo)

  • Mickey Mouse (Su)

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For Red Team, I also like using:

  • Dash

    1. His Red Skill is Super OP! He justs yeets everyone in seconds!!!
    2. His Violet disk! That is one of the best disks in the game imo, since it makes shield heroes and heroes who are shielded get yeeted! Calhoun(Vi) and Baymax team’s are my personal favorites when using Dash! :yum:
  • Tron

    1. (Btw, Thanks for this suggestion GjmGuy!) Pair Him up with Li Shang(Red Skill Unlocked), you’ll get tons and tons of skill power which will boost your heroes alot if you can get Shang to spam shields!!!
    2. I haven’t tried this alot in combat yet, but I like pairing Dash with Li Shang and Tron because if Li Shang just spams his shields, he’ll give Dash lots of hardy, which will not only make Dash nearly impossible to disable, but it’ll give Dash many skill power which will make Dash yeet heroes faster!!! :smile:

Btw, Sorry for talking about Shang who is on the yellow team, but I’m just providing my reason why I like using Tron. :sweat_smile:

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Me too :grinning:

Nick is a bonus :wink:

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Yeah I m also building a hardy team.
Just Need alot skills chips of Shang:/
Then My Dream team ll complete😀

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That’s always a good one, but I don’t have any characters at red

Yea that is pretty OP

If I had his red skill I’d use him all the time but I don’t have anyone at red.

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