Red trial foolhardy is hard, whats the counter?

Hey im stuck at fool hardy red team trial server 21. how do you counter hades and tia dalma?
Im now running a red dash, mr inc, ian, minnie and powerline all have red skills. But they all get killed by tias wave attack and blocked by a respawning hades.

Is tron the answer. I dont know.

Just try different combinations until you beat it. Sometimes it’s just RNG that wins or loses the fight. Even a single toon can change things.

Or try to manual the fights. If it’s on wave 2 or 3, save your white skills and use them at the start of the wave.

You have an infinite amount of tries, so play around.


Try to throw in some support like Pumba, jim or even Pooh to keep your team healthy. If thats not first wave you struggle against so try it on manual to preserve energy and start new wave with ults ready

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All good advice thanks.

I think, i know whos making it hard. Its hades. Is there a skill that weakens or removes invincibility?

GMN With some disk.
And Tron…

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Who is gmn?

Edit: oh you mean nemo. Oh yeah your right his disk does weaken invincible toons.

Not Hades’ one. You can just keep your team healthy with support i recommend (pumba, jim, pooh). Tron doesnt clear Hades invincibility

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?? Tron does clear his invincibility.
Or Am i missing sth?

In my experience, Tron does clear Hades’ invincibility, but because Hades usually gets his second round of invincibility well before Tron’s energy meter is refilled, you’ll still need some way to survive Hades’ second life.

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