Refresh Ducktales

Please, Please Please!!! Refresh the duck tales hero make them from this image|350x499
Into this.

Everyone now knows the new Dusktales!! PLEASE REFRESH!!!

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PerBlue likes to go with the original versions, not the reboot ones


Well they refreshed elsa, so

They’re different because

  1. Frozen II came out after DHBM was released, but DT17 was not
  2. Disney probably forced DHBM to update Elsa in order to promote Frozen II’s release. Disney won’t force DHBM to promote DT17 because the show is already over

They can at least add Della and Lena, they said it is possible.

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Well, one can hope

Hopefully they will

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Just to ask, do you mean specifically in terms of Ducktales’s 2017 design or you mean just in a power refresh in general?

As a person in Europe who have grown up with the comics I prefer the design they have in the game now, though I would definitely like them to get a power refresh. The boy’s 2017 design in Ducktales are way too square like in my view, so yeah just not appealing in my view.

No problem if you want both of those things as in a design and power refresh, it is fine that we have different opinions :-).

In Europe as well, and so?

DT17 has much better character developments and story plots.
HDL aren’t clones of themselves with next to no personality. Della was finally made her debut in animation, with bunch of other new characters.

The design won’t tell you a story, and rating something by “book’s cover” is very low :confused:

I personally like the original designs better. The older design looks more detailed while the newer one is simpiler and way too similar to how all cartoons look nowadays. And Elsa got more of an outfit change rather than completely different design.

You’re right. The design won’t tell us a story. So changing them to the new design won’t tell us how better the new series is.

Not exactly what I meant.

I do have respect for Ducktales 2017 and I know it is good story wise, it is more so about too many things making it harder for me for me to enjoy Ducktales 2017.

I did actually watch the first episode of Ducktales 2017 when it first came out so I did give it a chance, but yeah just found it really hard to enjoy due to factors that I am more used to the original comic designs.

To be true I actually want to watch Ducktales 2017 for the story, but yeah the other factors making it hard for me to enjoy it, so yeah instead notice references now and then online.

So yeah, I do respect Ducktales 2017 story wise, just hard for me to enjoy it fully due to other factors than story so yeah semi-following it on the side even if I don’t watch the show specifically :-).

Della and webby should be added


Della and Leena would fit in the game :+1:

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Yeah I agree

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It would be cute if Della and HDL had a friend campaign, and they commented on each other’s looks, to lampshade the difference in design.

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That would be breaking the 4th wall…

HDL already behaved like in DT17 version in most of part in Russell friendship and their quote is from DT17 version as well.

They can just act as DT17 versions, without commenting on anything.

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Well it would be probably possible to add characters from the 2017 reboot

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