Refreshing the whole market

I’m sorry but half of the market is literally useless to me. I have tens of thousands of arena, war, city watch and surge tokens that cannot be used SIMPLY because there’s nothing good to buy in the shops. Aside from the hero chips that i rarely buy, all the other slots are wasted with badges and bits i won’t buy. What i suggest is first,
1. Convert every type of currency(except memory) into a universal type of token similar to diamonds. This currency would be used for a universal market.
2. A universal market with actual useful resources like gold, disk power, skill point consumables and so much more. This will allow players to progress and upgrade characters much faster. Resources like disk power are so hard to come by as a f2p player myself, so being able to purchase them will help with my progress.
The universal market can also have a catalogue of hero chips or unique items like trial reset, stam reset. The quantity of items which the market offers needs to increase. For example, instead of selling 16k disk power, how about selling it at 100k 300k?
3. Scrap the market, black market and the mega market. The market offers little to nothing with badge bits that can be easily obtained or xp drinks that are worthless to a player who has progressed far into the game. The black market is just slightly better than the market, but still bad nonetheless. Offering memory disks i don’t need and red skill chips that i also don’t need. The mega market sells token currencies at low quantities, stam consumables that are useless after the stamina update, gold at a pathetically small quantity and disk power also at small quantities.
Overall, the market needs a rework. I see potential that with a rework, the market can truly BE a market for players.


I don’t have enough money, so all I need is gold.

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Since the discs are random, I think it would have been nice if there was a system where you could set the disc of your favorite character in advance.

Regarding skills, gold consumption is dangerous, so gold is prioritized.

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With the stamina update, the problem of gold was just made worse. So mich stamina, but for what if gold is the limiting factor here.
Choosing what type of menory disks is great since it takes a lot of memory disk to max 1 disk


If the use of millions of stamina on one stage worked properly (wink wink showing the cumulated loot of all raids instead of 1 by 1)… you could actually get a lot of Turbo and lower XP drinks which you can sell and earn back a lot of gold.

To be honest, I don’t have much gold even if I sell it.
The amount required is too large.

Hi there, thanks for this feedback. I agree! The merchants system could use a rework or a refresh. This is a massive undertaking, but hopefully we can find some low or medium scope way to improve the current system in the future.


Uhm, the best solution from my perspective I found (if it is possible for the team to program it that way…) would be if:

Market - gave us multiple emerald/yellow/red bits - amount would be “release * release” - consider the stamina change that would be decent, but not overly broken.

Black Market - the valuation of hero and skill chips should be lowered drastically to be viable with current Red Skill economy, full badges should be purchaseable with gold instead of diamonds

Mega Mart - at least until a proper Port and Team Trial refresh, I think the refreshes should be removed from chances

Arena/Coliseum/Heist/Surge/any other Shop: would be nice if the amount of hero chips to buy for one day´s worth of tokens (say 800) would be 5 times the current highest Red Skill Level requirement
(for level 400 - red skill level 280 - 281 will require 35 hero chips, so it would be 175 hero chips for 800 tokens)

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