Remove defense cool down

In a future update, can they please remove the cool down for defense in arena because that is starting to irritate me.

No, people used to abuse that


@Baroness_Olaf_III How

Some people would constantly change their defense lineup so it would be hard for other players to figure out how to beat those people.

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I don’t see it as a big problem but ok

The defense timer was added to prevent people from getting first and then letting their entire guild get first right after in order to get the daily reward. With the timer, if you lower your defense, everyone on the server has a chance to knock you out for a day.

Before he timer was added, only the person in first place at that moment would get the top reward.


They should just add the ability to change defense with diamonds.

That is a terrible idea. Ik you are a top player on s1, but almost everyone has no diamonds to waste on changing their lineup. The timer is actually the best thing they could do about it.

Then limit it to twice a day. Not being able to change your defenses stifles creativity

Now, that could work

That’s not an abuse of arena

It just makes it easier for players to make it to the top ranks.

No, actually it couldn’t. If a person put their defense down to let their guild friends in, then once that is done they could easily raise it again, if they have two tries. I think it is good just the way it is, perfection is hard to find, nigh impossible, I think their are way more pressing issues than this one.

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