Reporting system

@Loutre , I understand you guys review the chat logs when someone blocks and reports a player in game. But I think it should be a step further. I think the reporting player should have a place to write why they believe it’s against said tos, or why they doing it too. There could be more behind the scenes things going on besides just what you see in vip/global/hiest chats. Thoughts?


I believe this as well!

There’s a player on server 22 that has had inappropriate and sexual chats with MANY female players including minors and has been reported by several players but he is still in the game because there’s no way to tell Perblue how serious this is. I know that he actively still preys on other players which is why he has been kicked from guilds and has to change his name every few weeks. If there was a way to report further, I think Perblue would remove him and save the server from having more victims of his.

Send in a support ticket after reporting the player! Give us as much information as possible in the ticket and we can look into them even further.

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We absolutely do not want something like this happening so make sure after reporting them and if you think we may have missed something to send a ticket with as much information as possible so we can remove this person from the game.

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Trying to report someone but after I blocked them
No option come up to report them ?

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