Request more things for guilds to do within themselves

I have played many games and ran a few guilds or clans etc, im currently running 1 now also, i find the guild perks system could do with a tidy up but more importantly the guilds are boring. We need more things we can do.

Guild fight - give us a boss fight, a few options a day where leadership can choose which boss to fight and give the entire guild between 1-3 days to defeat it, rewards such as gold and stamina packs would be so very useful, the biggest pain of resources my guild find to get its gold, as quick as you get it, its gone again after upgrading hero skills.

Guild competition - Allow us to do in-guild competitions such as allow members to donate items supplies and gold etc to the guild and let the leadership choose a competion just for thier guild to participate in such as badge collecting, most successful missions or gold or diamonds spent and the guilds uses the donated materials as rewards. Even give us the ability to choose the winner ourselves so we can run comps such as discord comps for art etc give us a forum where we can do it like a section on here jist for our own guilds

Guild missions - missions for the guild give gold xp or what ever as a player reward but give the guild a nice bit of guild influence if they are successful.

Im just spitballing some ideas but right now everything seems to be global and on a huge scale and alot of my members are bored and not knowing what to do and pitting us against other players on a game that is effectively pay to win isnt fair, dont get me wrong i have told people the game does give a GENEROUS amount of diamonds but without vip status you cant use the diamonds to increase all that much in a short space of time. Infact most people use them to get the characters they wont from the market, please dont get me wrong im not complaining about any of that im grateful i have been able to get some of my most fav characters but adding VIP status with diamonds and this is a pay to win game or an uphill stuggle for free players.

So whilst you have guild war which pits us against other guilds or the arena, or even the collaseum which puts us against other players which are hugely powerful, all im asking for is something that can be done in the guild for us to work together, show new players how we can work together and then compete for the big competitions without becoming one of those guilds where the only communication is there is a competition coming up this is what you have to do to win it and if you dont help or dont do well enough you out. Or the comps that we do on our own let us see the ranking board just for our guild, allow the leaders to reward people and extra reward for coming 1st 2nd 3rd out of everyone in the guild or you joined and started 3 days ago and came 10 out of 50 here is a guild reward from your leaders.

The fact is the social aspect if community, the guild is friends and family, you work togethet to reach a goal in a friendly comp again the rest of the community but with so little to do in the guild, guilds are just there for the perks beyond that whats the point…

Anyway im sorry if this subject was already somewhere else or whatever but im trying to hold together my clan as i watch TL40s leave the game cause they are bored and i listen to the complaints of my members, i just hope you add something soon, anything because even im starting to struggle

Please anyone who agrees just add a comment saying you agree because without support why would they listen


Would anyine have any other suggestions that could be added to the guilds? Literally anything that would allow us to do more within our guils to make people more active.

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