Resource sharing


Any chance of getting the ability to send resources of any kind to other guild members?


Probably not. This would allow guilds with whales to get even further ahead and would completely ruin the games economy. Thousands of bits, chips, stamina packs would be exchanged dirt cheap which would definitely cut into PBs profits.


I logged this idea with in-gake support a while back and they loved it, they told me they’d pass it on and to log it here too, some people were against it here… Citing, as @Kinokan did, that whales would just go so far ahead of everyone else…

But I did suggest limits to what could be shared and how much, to counteract this problem, so hopefully it is something that is being looked into, because I don’t think it’ll benefit the whales that much more than it will the people who are trying to keeo up with the ever increasing caps…


Here’s what I had put back then…


That would be cool and being able to help each other within our guild more?


Yeah there would definitely have to be limits on what could be sent and how much but itd be nice to have SOMETHING


They won’t let you do that :joy: maybe when the game is dried and shrivelled up! As long as people keep paying money for these badges you won’t ever get an ability like this


You say that, but loads of games, especially games of this nature, have that as a feature - South Park: Phone Destroyer and Badland Brawl, to name just a few HIGHLY popular games that have almost always had this feature, which works great in conjuction with premium currency and paid loot crates…