Reuben Hero Concept

Name: Reuben. Two Start, Midline, Support Hero.
Quote: Want A Sandwich?
Info: Reuben is Experiment 625, created by Jumba.
Team Trial: Yellow
Entrance: Reuben walks in, eating a sandwich.
Victory: He jumps for joy.
Defeat: He drops the sandwich, and looks down sadly.
Basic Attack: Reuben punches the Enemy.

White Skill: The Ingredients.
Reuben will start to throw ingredients for a Peanut Butter and Jelly, each item doing X damage.

Green Skill: Getting Hungry.
Reuben will start to eat his peanut butter and jellies, healing random amounts each time.

Blue Skill: A Sandwich Well Done.
Reuben’s sandwiches start to heal more, and now, he will start eating more sandwiches.

Purple Skill: More Ingredients.
Reuben will start to throw more ingredients than usual, but, they would still have around the same damage as before.

Red Skill: Sandwich Maker
Reuben will now start giving out sandwiches to allies, healing them. Also, his Ingredients move will do extra damage.

Friendship #1: Reuben and Stitch. The Perfect Sandwich.
Reuben’s basic attack will now do more damage, and Reuben’s sandwiches will now randomly heal extra.

Friendship #2: Reuben and Goofy. Sandwich Buddies.
Sandwiches will start to heal a little more, and Reuben’s basic attack gets a slight buff.

Thank you all for reading and have a good day! :grin:


Great concept! My only complaint is that you could have made him not friends with stitch…

ok thank you!

Also,Stitch is on the BLUE team !

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