Rex - top tier tank?

Hello. I saw Rex has climbed to high rank in tier list on reddit. Is he that strong (over Maui, Shank, Olaf, Sally) when pairing with 3 dmg type heroes and Mike disc? I don’t know if I should invest on Rex. Anyone has tested this? Please give me some idea how strong Rex can be.

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He isn’t, low damage and lack of tenacity, no protection (dies quickly).
Look at teams in challenges arena to see which tanks are best.

  • Goofy
  • Herc
  • Olaf

Rex’s strength lies in his abilites, not stats. He combos very well with certain characters.

This is because of his AoE knocback skill that he uses nearly immediately, that gathers all enemies in one place.
The second one is 6 second silence which, due to previous knockback, applies to all enemies.

Now all melee and AoE champions can thrive - their damage potential is heavily increased. For example, Elsa now will freeze all enemies for 3 seconds instead of backline, Jack Sparrow with his counter will make a shashlyk out of everyone, same with Mr Incredible’s armor strip, etc.


Thanks. I am planning to use Rex (Mike disc) in team combo including Eve (wall-e) for small sustain, Maleficent (jack sk) for more aoe dmg and cc, Quorra (buzz) and Aladin (genie). I think rex knockback would help quorra’s active skill reach enemy backline. I am not sure about aladin role in this team combo but is his counter attack aoe like jack sparrow’s one?

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I am on server 16 so no herc yet. Goofy and olaf are already in use. My lineup now has Quorra (main dmg but need knockback so that her active skill can reach backline as well and this is why I am thinking about rex), Aladin (also for dmg), Maleficent (for cc and some aoe dmg and of course knockback skill also synergizes with her aoe dmg), Eve (i am thinking equip well-e disc to provide small shield and heal). So I need a tank with knockback and because there are 3 dmg type heroes in the team, I think rex maybe works. Do you have any suggestion?

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Actually, I’m pretty sure Aladdin’s counter is single target. I mean, stealing 150 energy while he’s always surrounded by enemies would probably be a bit too much

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Thanks for your input to the convo. I get a lot of questions when I raise or lower heroes on my tier list. It’s also getting harder and harder to separate heroes as I do but I think the opposite (all heroes grouped in Good vs Bad is much worse so I continue onward and do my best to accurately place them).

For now I stand by my Rex rating. He is amazing for all the reasons you mentioned above and can also absorb and insane amount of damage.

He may not be the most popular but that doesn’t make him any less strong :slight_smile:


Nice… Thanks!

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