Rhino (Bolt) [Likely Concept]

Rhino Concept

Rhino won’t let the confinements of his hamster ball stop him from being a daring rodent.

“If Bolt’s taught me anything, it’s that you never abandon a friend at a time of need!”
Role: Damage
Position: Frontline
Trials Team: Red

Basic Attack:

  • (While in his ball) Rolls into the closest enemy
  • (While out of his ball) Leaps into the air, kicking the closest enemy

Entrance: Rolls into battle with an evil look on his face


  • (While in his ball) Fogs his ball up and draws a smiley face
  • (While out of his ball) Laughs menacingly


  • (While in his ball) Bounces off the screen
  • (While out of his ball) Scurries away


White Skill: Hamster Ball
:fist: Normal Damage
Passive: Rhino starts combat in his hamster ball. While inside it, he receives 70% less damage from all sources. When Rhino falls below 30% of his Max HP the ball breaks and he remains outside until he uses his active.

Active: Rhino rolls through the enemy team dealing X damage and knocking back all enemies. This gives Rhino a new hamster ball if it previously broke which lasts until Rhino falls below 30% of his Max HP again.

Green Skill: Evil Laugh
Rhino lets out an evil laugh which scares all enemies for 12 seconds and slows their attack speed by 15%.
The slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Blue Skill: Ball Bounce
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
(While in his ball): Rhino bounces at the furthest enemy dealing X damage and stunning them for 8 seconds. Rhino then bounces back between all nearby enemies dealing 20% less damage and stunning for 1 less second with each successive bounce.

(While out of his ball): Rhino scratches the closest enemy dealing X damage per second for 8 seconds.

Purple Skill: Super Rhino
The first time Rhino’s ball breaks each wave he becomes invincible for 8 seconds and heals for X HP.

Red Skill: Hamster Speed
While inside his hamster ball, Rhino gains 25% attack and movement speed.
Rhino heals X HP per second when outside of his hamster ball.
+X Max HP
+X Basic Damage
+X Skill Power


Adventure of a Lifetime

Rhino and Bolt
Super Rhino occurs whenever the hamster ball breaks

Disk Power

  • +X Skill Power


  • Super Rhino occurs whenever Rhino’s hamster ball breaks
  • Super Rhino also grants Rhino 100 energy
    (+50 per star)

Allies: Timon & Pumbaa, Tron, Alice

Rodents are Heroes

Rhino and Linguini & Remy
Boosts allies while inside hamster ball

Disk Power

  • +X Max HP
  • Allies gain X reality and armour while Rhino is inside his hamster ball


  • Allies gain 5% attack and movement speed while Rhino is inside his hamster ball
    (+5% per star)
  • Allies gain 1 stack of hardy at the start of each wave
    (+1 per star)

Allies: Mickey, Minnie, Basil


The best bolt character

Personally, I think Bolt’s the best but Rhino is a very close second.

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Mittens is my favorite, but I really like this concept

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