Why is it that you debuffed Jafar, but still have a Rafiki that can have a full 380k team beat his butt down, but he hides? That’s complete crap. Jafar never needed a debuffing. It’s Goofy and Rafiki that needs a rebuffing.




:musical_note: they will never be satisfied! :musical_note:


This guy must be trolling right?

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I don’t get what you’re trying to say here, But Rafiki is counterable. He’s not terribly OP.

This made me laugh. Jafar needed a huge debuff. His Scar Disk combined with a powerful Goofy(Je) Disk could vaporize almost any team. Instead we got a pathetically small decrease in his percentage to Support and Control heroes, which dies basically nothing when paired with Goofy(Je) at 5-Stars.


Jafar definitely needed one. He shouldn’t be able to end a match within the first 5 seconds. If you can, then something is definitely wrong. Ducky and Bunny need one as well, but somehow had no mention of one.

A possible fix for Jafar would be to place the blinding effect after the sandstorm instead of before/during, that way it won’t have the effect of the blind damage increase, yet still apply the blind with the attack. But…no, this somehow was the best solution.

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