Riley Anderson - Unlikely Concept

Riley Anderson

Riley is filled to the brim with hockey skills that shouldn’t be messed with

“I know you don’t want me to… but I miss home”
Stars: :star2: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Midline
Trials Team: Yellow

Basic Attack: Riley throws a hockey puck at enemies dealing X damage.

Entrance: Riley runs into her position, when she’s in her position she snaps her fingers causing a hockey net to spawn behind all enemies.

Victory: Riley’s parents run on screen and hug Riley, then they lift her and Riley smiles.

Defeat: Riley sadly looks down then aggressively wipes her tears away.


White Skill: Goal! :white_circle:
:fist: Normal
Riley grabs a puck and a hockey stick, Riley plops the puck on the ground and swings hard at the puck flying past all enemies dealing X damage and increases Riley’s crit chance by 50% for 10 seconds.

Riley has a chance of landing the puck into the net, if she does her crit chance gains an extra 20%.

Green Skill: Hi… my name is Riley :green_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Riley makes a light shine underneath an enemy dealing X damage. Riley forces them to speak under pressure which then scares the enemy for 10 seconds and slows their movement speed down by 20% for 5 seconds.
Movement speed decrease has a chance to fail if enemy is above level X

Blue Skill: Broccoli pizza :large_blue_circle:
:fist: Normal
Riley grabs a box of broccoli pizza from behind her and throws it at the enemies dealing X damage, it silences enemies for 6 seconds.
Silence has a chance to fail against enemies above level X

Purple Skill: Who’s your friend who likes to play? :purple_circle:
:sparkles: Fantastic
Riley’s imagination wagon fly’s down to her, Riley’s hops onto to it healing her for X HP and gives her X basic damage for 12 seconds. When the wagon leaves it flies through all enemies dealing X damage.

Red Skill: My old team :red_circle:
At the begging of each wave Riley remembers her old hockey team and friends which increases her reality by 30% for 8 seconds and increases her movement speed by 150% for 10 seconds.

“Goal!” Now stuns enemies for 8 seconds.

Silenced enemies take 30% Extra damage from all sources.

Stun has a chance to fail if enemies are above level X

+X Basic Damage
+X Crit damage
+X Damage for “Hi… my name is Riley”


Emotion Quest

Riley and Barley
Riley’s crits deal X more damage

Disk Power
+X basic damage
+Z Max HP

Increases the damage done to silenced enemies on Riley’s red skill by 10%.
(+5% every star)

Allies: Ian, Joy, Sadness

Be careful!

Riley and Fear
Whenever Riley takes damage from a basic attack, the damage by the basic attack is then transferred to a shield for Riley lasting for 5 seconds
(Riley can keep getting shield on this friendship but whenever 5 seconds is over the shield will break and she will start getting shield all over again)
(can stack)

Disk Power
+Z Shield from all sources
+Z Healing from all sources

+10% slow on “Hi… my name is Riley”
(+5% every star)

Allies: Ralph, Joy, Merlin


Technically, Riley is unlikely/impossible to come to the game :grimacing:


wait why, why is she impossible to come

Her own emotions are outside of her, and in many situations they weren’t able to find her. So rather she isn’t anymore in the city.

Bing Bong is dead, he also is impossible.


oh, so i guess it is unlikely or even impossible

I still think that’s not fair.


It’s said by Joy.

I know that! I just think that it’s a shame that he won’t be in the game.


  • Scar
  • Evil Queen
  • Syndrome

Would u like for me to keep going?

You really need to read friendship stories, as this isn’t the case. Only Syndrome is dead.

Bing Bong is the only mentioned by existing hero to be dead and never coming back.


Did u not watch LK,Scar dies…

You think how Simba is… YOUNG.

Ok that is true, but still.

There are still some characters in the game who are probably dead

Also some Friendship stories I CANT read cuz of my level…

As said… only Syndrome.

Then why is he in the game… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We’re his memories digitized or sum…

Never explained, nor the Incredibles said anything about that.

So they could still add Bing Bong with no problems, basically

No… :books:

I mean they could, but It’d be complicated…

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