Pocoplease’s Hero Concept Library

Welcome to my hero concept library! Here you can find disney and non disney concepts though I no longer make concepts outside of disney.

Recently Refreshed Hero Concept: Dipper Pines - Hero Concept

Disney Concepts:

Tanks: Nani Pelekai - Hero Concept

Damage: Wendy - Gravity Falls - Hero Concept
Perry The Platypus - Hero concept
Mr and Mrs Potato Head - Unlikely Concept - Remake
Thumper - Likely Concept
Riley Anderson - Hero Concept

Control: Taffyta Muttonfudge Refresh
Luca & Alberto - Luca - Likely Concept
Dipper Pines - Hero Concept
Pepa Madrigal - Hero Concept - #2 by PocoPlease
Bruno Madrigal - Hero Concept
Prince Hans - Hero Concept
Luz Noceda - Hero Concept

Support: Mabel Pines - Hero concept
Phineas and Ferb - Hero Concept
Julieta Madrigal - Hero Concept
Penny Proud Hero Concept

Non-Disney Concepts:


Damage: Lucy Chu - Unlikely

Control: Preston From Camp Camp - Unlikely Concept

Harrison from Camp Camp Refresh Poco from Brawl Stars - Unlikely concept
Lindsay From Total Drama Refresh

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