Roadmap Update October 4th

The Roadmap has been updated! We released Emerald Rarity with the first round of adjustments in, and are looking to make more. Event Crate Rewards were adjusted and we added commas to the big stat numbers (let us know where those are missing). Follow the link to see what’s new!

Mickey disappears from battle sometimes: fixed
Abu/Precise buff issue: fixed
Issue with Jim Hawkins revive: fixed
White City Watch Heroes supposed to be Red and/or Orange: possible fix in 5.6

Not included are the current crashes and issue with the Guild War Season border.


Thanks Samm and appreciate it :-).

Recommend updating the [Last Updated] part, but up to you if you do of course.


Good update!

  1. You guys stop adjusting friend stamina? That’s bad. At least increase the regen speed

  2. Now that you updated stamina storage, pls update stamina bought with diamond and the weekly rewards

  3. A lot of things are promised until the end of this year. We only have 2 updates left, can you guys make it in time?

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Considering the pink dots… wouldn’t it be better to adjust post-Y12 badges crafting trees instead?

Because the only reason why pink dots are everywhere is because many many bits of team trials are needed for every hero.
Not just one even… as much as 50 full badges can be needed that are crafted from just one bit.

Would be the best if… simultaneously E2 (or E3 if E2 can’t be done now) and Y12 and Y13 crafting trees were reviewed (and changed for some badges to only have 3 badges there).

Then next update E4 and Y14 and Y15.
Not increasing deals content as the stamina costs would slowly lower with each review…

This isn’t an update….

Yes it is
It literally says “Roadmap Update October 4th”

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Oh sorry
(10 Characters)

It’ll have to be updated again for how the new position of early game heroes affect the lineups, the issue resolving for Kuzco’s memory disks, the issue coming from Sarah’s blue skill loop, and the issue where the name Elastigirl would show up as Mrs. Incredible.

Any potential update in Roadmap? @TheGrillFather

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Unfortunately, I cannot say anytime soon ):

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