Rolf(unlikely Ed, Edd n Eddy concept)

Name: Rolf
Team: Blue
Stars: 1
Role: Damage
Position: Front

Description: Using an unusual and dangerous arsenal of weapons, Rolf shows enemy forces what happens when you mess with the son of a shepherd.

Quote: “I was born to be wild, but the cage was too small.”

Entrance: he emerges from the same vortex he did when he got 2 extra heads.

Win: he victoriously raises his fish

Lose: he angrily grinds his teeth

Basic: he slaps the nearest enemy with a fish

White: Do You Live In A Cave

Rolf puts on his hat of discipline and uses it on the furthermost enemy, dealing X damage.

Green: Flying Feathers

Rolf pulls out a pair of giant wings and performs his traditional thank you to the noble guardian pigeon, stunning all enemies for X seconds.

Blue: To Be A Man

Rolf turns around, rips off his shirt, and flashes his back hair, scaring all enemies for X seconds

Purple: You Insult Rolf

“Flying Feathers” now heals the teammate with the lowest HP.

Red: Many Doors

Rolf gains X HP from “To Be A Man”

Friend campaigns:


Allies: Cheshire Cat/ The Mayor/ Pegasus

Rolf/Swedish Chef

Allies: Bo Peep/ Agent P/ Shan Yu

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