Ron’s gone wrong savanna concept

Frontline Support

1 star blue team

“Wow your B-bot is super weird”

Savannah the social queen is ready to show her skills to her Allie’s

Entrance: Savannah walks in fancy like on a runway while her b bot rolls beside her

Victory: Savannah selfie’s with her b-bot

Defeat: Savannahs hairs goes down as she cries and her bbot runs out of batteries.

Basic attack: Savannah’s b bit rams into enemies.

White skill connect to all the users
Passive: At the start of the wave and whenever she uses a skill savannah gains 1-3 stacks of popularity. She keeps 1/3 - 1/2 of the stacks between waves.
Active. Savannah connects to all users of the bubble network granting all allies + 200% attack speed and movement speed for 10 econds removing snare also she heals her team for 5% max health per stack of popular ness she has.

The attack speed and heal bhas a chance to fail against Allies above level x

Green skill friend ally

At the start of the battle savannah chooses one ally to friend that ally has + 59% max health and deals double fantastic damage also whenever that ally uses a non active skill she gains a stack of popularness that ally cannot be defeated while savannah is on the battlefield also that ally deals and additional x true damage with their basic attack.

Blue skill filter for that

Savannah uses a filter on her bbot turning herself and her friend invisible for 10 seconds and dealing x fantastic damage to all enemies for 12 seconds deals and additional 10% damage per stack of popularness she has.

The invisibility has a chance to fail if her friend is above level x.

Purple skill @theSavannah.Meades

Savannah’s friend has + 50% basic damage, skill power, and crit damage if attacker. + 50% speed, attack speed, and + 75% heal power if a support. + 200% max health and armor and reality always distracts, absorbs all damage, and 3x the skill power if a tank.

Red skill So popular

Savannah has + 10% basic damage and deals 5% of the damage she deals with her basic attack to all enemies per stack of popularness she has. Also her friend is always energized and gains and grants savannah 3 stacks of hardy whenever it uses a white skill.

Savannah also heals her team for 2% max health per stack of popularness she has whenever she damages an enemy.

This has a chance to fail if her friend is above level x.

Friend Barney

Barney is coming soon so the friendship campaign and disk is also coming soon.

Friendship with the underminer (upcoming hero)

Savannah doesn’t think the underminer is really trendy so therefore she does an undermakeover.

Disk Dirty trend.

Savannah revives at x% max health whenever she is defeated this can only occur once per wave.

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so she’s giving attack speed and movement to enemies is what ur saying???

Meant allies

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