Ron stoppabble concept

Team trail color red

Qoute never be normal

Role support

White skill middleton s mad dog ron will wear his mad dog mask and fakeing smoke causeing scareing and fantastic damage for 8 seconds


Green skill naco ron giveing naco to his allies healing himself and allies for 9 seconds

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Blue skill rufus ron will call his naked mole rufus who take a buff from 1 enemy this skill may fail on enemy in level x or beyond

Purple skill ron and his allies getting energy from scared enemy from the white skill

Red skill blue skill now will charm any rival who got buff stolen from him for 10 seconds

Friends launcpad and linguni and remy

In ron and launchpad friendship campigan the 2 discovering they are both a sidekicks off heros when the 2 shareing memories with each another they are becoming friends ron s launcpad disc will increase the white skill s scareing time by 2 seconds per star and will lower reality for scared enemies

In ron and remy and linguni friendship campigan remy and linguni trying to make a recipce they did not tried yet in the resturant so ron trying to offer them to learn how to make naco the remy and linguni disc will buff the healing from the green skill by 2 seconds per star and it will increase the healing from this skill by 10 precents per star

As always feedback will be much appracited

Why no one giveing feedback on the concept?

Poor spelling, grammar, and formatting make it hard to read. Also, if you’re going to add skill images, a character portrait is expected. :man_shrugging:

Where excatly you seen any erors ? And i put giffs for the active skills i forgot about enternce victory and deafeat aniamtions anyway

Not really a intresting character to use

Are you sure ? Since if you knew the show kim possible i dont think you would say this since you would know ron is kim s best friend her couple mate he is the 1 who is assisting her in the mission besides off wade he is considered as her sidekick so i wouldnt say he is minor charther since he is main charther

…besides the three errors in that sentence alone, I counted 18 spelling errors, 25 cases of missing capitalization, and didn’t even name the purple and red skills. :grimacing:

“Active skill” is just another name for white skills, aka the skill that activates when the energy bar fills up. And you put images, not gifs, only for the green and blue.

To start with how to improve, it would benefit you greatly to go back and look over what you’ve wrote before you post it. Incorrect spelling will show up with a red line underneath it to let you know to correct it.
If you’re unsure how to spell a word, Googling it always works. We’ve all done at some point or another.

Was not sure how to call the purple skill and red skill

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