Roster Not Sorting

So, I just sorted my roster based on power to take some screenshots of my top heroes, sweet. But, I can’t switch my roster back to be sorted based on their specific roles in battle. (Where they were sorted even further based on power within their respected roles)

I never had any filters on nor needed them. Did they remove this option and I’m just now seeing it?

I should note that the second photo isn’t mine, it’s just to show that there was a “role” sorting option that I don’t have anymore.

Role sorting was moved to the Filter button, if I get you correctly.

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That’s what’s weird. I never needed filters for it to sort. My roster even had “header” to break up their roles. And now look:

But now you do, since this is an intentional change

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it’s a fair point that if more than one role is selected in the filter, the heroes should be displayed by role and not all jumbled as in the screenshot - that’s a downgrade on the old role view.


Since when? Considering my roster has been this way up until yesterday. If any changes to the filtering system went into place, wouldn’t it affect me immediately and not weeks after an update?

All I’m talking about here is what you can see in there’s two pictures. Each role was sorted and had a header above each one. Kinda annoying it just magically vanished.

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