Royal Charm - Prince Charming Likely Concept

"Royal Charm" - Prince Charming Likely Concept

Name: Prince Charming
Description: Prince Charming will prove to be worthy of his name, as he shows his enemies some charming fighting.

Quote: “I don’t even know your name. How will I find you?”

Trial Team: Blue

Role: Control

Position: Front

Stars: :star::star::star:

Entrance: Prince Charming rides his horse in position.

Basic Attack: Prince Charming slices the enemies with his sword dealing X damage.

Victory: Prince Charming smiles and raises his sword.

Defeat: Prince Charming puts his hand behind his head and smiles awkwardly.


White Skill: Royal Charm
✊Normal Damage
Prince Charming slashes the frontmost enemy with his sword, dealing X damage and charming the two closest enemies for 8.0 seconds.

Charm has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Green Skill: Training All Day Long
✊Normal Damage
Every 10.0 seconds, Prince Charming avoids a meele attack and counter attacks the enemy that attacked him, dealing X extra damage and sapping the enemy for 6.0 seconds, stealing X energy with each basic attack.

Blue Skill: On The Ride
At the beginning of each wave, Prince Charming’s horse, passes through all enemies, knocking the front enemies back and stunning one of them for 4.0 seconds.

Stun has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Purple Skill: Charmful As Always
Whenever Prince Charming damages a charmed enemy, he gains X energy and an X HP shield.

Red Skill: Ways Of Charm
Every time an enemy gets charmed by any source, Prince Charming gains X reality and increases his attack speed by 75% for 4.0 seconds.
For the first 10.0 seconds of each wave, Prince Charming is immune to charming.

Additional Stat Boosts:
+X Armor
+Y Max HP
+Z extra damage in ‘Royal Charm’


  • Prince Charming/Robin Hood

    Allies: Jack-Jack, Scrooge McDuck, Flynn Rider
    “Royal Charity Gala”
    ‘Training All Day Long’ steals also X HP from the enemy and healing Prince Charming
    +‘On The Ride’ deals X damage to all enemies
    +2.0 seconds in stun

  • Prince Charming/The Mad Hatter

    Allies: Miss Piggy, Megara, Joy
    “Ball Preparations”
    Whenever Prince Charming charms an enemy, he increases also the attack and movement speeds of enemies by 100% for as long as they remain charmed.
    +3.0 seconds in charm
    +X Basic Damage

Hero Mastery Collections:

  • Charm
  • Control
  • Shields
  • Stun

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