Ruler of the Wasteland (Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Character Concept)

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit


Role: Damage

Position: Middle

Trial Team: Red

Stars: :star::star:

“Now i really see why he liked you.”

After years of being shelved, Oswald is back in the spotlight and uses his remote and fireworks to leaves his mark.

Entrance: Hovers in on his ears

Victory: Takes out his foot and kisses it

Defeat: Melts into a puddle of ink

Basic Attack: Throws his arm like a boomerang


White Skill: Firework Frenzy (Normal Damage :facepunch:): Oswald presses a button on his remote control and a barrage of fireworks comes raining down and does X damage.

Green Skill: Power Surge (Fantastic Damage :sparkles:): Oswald point his remote control and a stream of electricity comes out and deals X damage and gives a charged debuff to the enemy with most skill power

The charged debuff has a chance of failing on enemies with a level lower than Y

Blue Skill: Shocking Shield: Whenever a shield is placed on an ally, Oswald will electrify it. Whenever an enemy attack the shield, they will receive X DOT for 5 seconds

The electrified shield has a chance of failing on allies with a level lower than Y

Purple Skill: Back at Ya: Basic Attack now does damage on the trip back.

Red Skill: Lucky Rabbit: With every enemy defeated, the chances of dealing critical damage increase.

Z Basic Damage
Z Skill Power
Z Attack Speed


Mickey Mouse


Campaign: The Best of Both Worlds: Mickey and Oswald scour the city looking for heroes from Wasteland that might have been zapped into the city.

Disk: Two Worlds, One Family:

Disk Memory: Gives allies a sheild at the beginning of each wave and Oswald performs Shocking Shield and electrifies all shields.

Disk Power: Z Armor, Z Reality

Li Shang

Campaign: Feat of Luck: Oswald goes along with Shang on a very dangerous mission for luck.

Disk: Solider of Fortune:

Disk Memory: Firework Frenzy now deals X DOT for 4 seconds

Disk Power: Z HP Recovery, Z Energy Recovery

X= Damage
Y= Level
Z= Stat Changes

I would give feedback to you, but I will just suggest that you look at my concept guide and actually listen and apply what I have given you previously. I see a bit of improvement which is good.

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