S(22) would y'all help recommend me a better team? i want to replace darkwing duck but idk with who..can y'all list me the top tier heroes?

OR better… post all your heroes which you own, without this it’s hard to help you, nobody know what you own and at which rarity.


i have most of the heroes unlocked, but i needed an advice on what are the strongest heroes in server 22 so i can care about them to get them upgraded :black_heart:

Ok… let’s go with this wave.

  1. Hades and DW are bad characters. Further on Alice, Merida and Mike.

  2. Duke and Merlin ARE AMAZING. (Hades --> Duke) (DW —> Merlin)

  3. Elsa needs the other disk, Olaf’s disk may work against you if enemy is Dash (or Repunzel).

  4. Colette is also good to upgrade.

  1. Goofy is one of best tanks, remove Sulley and add him.

  2. When Randall will come to your server make sure you have good Olaf (Moana disk is good one), and in same time get rid of Gonzo.

  3. Mike works better if there’s another source of scare.

  4. Link Meg with Bo.

  5. Another good characters is Jafar (but only with Scar disk on) and The Beast, at any rate.


wow thank you so much!

Hades is really good actually but only once he has his red skill.

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I would suggest that you tap on Rankings, to see what heroes the top players on your server are using in Arena and Coliseum, and in what team combinations. Since Server 22 does not have all heroes available yet, this will give you a better idea of what’s meta for the heroes you guys do have.

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