S1 lag..... For The Love Of God

Fix the lag. Game is currently unplayable on S1. All game instances are affected. Can’t change accounts, log in is lagged, too. I can’t understand why this still is an issue.


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I apologize for the frustration! This is an ongoing battle for us because DHBM is such an old game in the mobile games standard. I’ll connect with the team if there are any short term remedies we can find.


Well,at least your trying to fight the Cy-bugs so good job

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Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your efforts.

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Forgive me if I’m wrong @TheGrillFather but is there no long term remedies that would be a better option. The lag has been here since the last S1 merge and its frustrating because the fixes are short term and don’t last long

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There are long term remedies we’re working on, but they take more time. So when I say that we’re looking for short term remedies, we’re looking at what we can do for now, until we can come out with the longer term fix. Hope that clarifies!


Ok that makes more sense as when I read it, I thought that there were none. And was confused.

That is great to hear there are long term solutions!

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