S16: It's time for decent stamina deals

Hello and good day, on S16 we are facing Orange5 since the last update tl115 with 70 heroes.
This is what we get.

It’s hardly enough to make a dent. Since the server started this is the kind of deals we are getting.
I remember when I started S5 the stamina deals were far better when Orange 5 was implemented.
First signs of deterioration are now showing on the server. It’s becoming harder by the hour to find new members to fill vacant spots in our guild. I simply don’t get it. After 12 months S5 was dead. This is where we’re going on S16, too? People get frustrated and stop playing because no decent progress can be generated. This is the second time I’m going through this ordeal. Start to roll out decent stamina deals for moderate spenders to keep them in the game. The game experience is getting so annoying when communities are destroyed. Do something about it, PB!


And prices have rocketed

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