S18/19 Server Merge Planned for October 2021

Server 21 isn’t really dead

S21’s numbers have been steady if you were tracking them. You can’t take numbers from day 1 of a contest. It’s end up around 120 for 1%

Even 120 wouldn’t make it better :joy: lol what are you complaining, a merge with s22 would be the best thing that could happen

I haven’t seen where the 1%/5% cutoff point for the FtN that just ended was on S21, but for the previous individual contest ending on 7/29, it was rank 141, or about the same as it was for S1 and S22.

The cutoff points for S2, S5, S14, S18, and S19 were 89, 51, 82, 44, and 59, respectively.

I’m not qualified to argue whether S21 needs a merger, but with the probable exception of S1, every older server needs one worse.

Yeah that’s for sure.

I just said s21 also needs one, the problem is pb always get the max profit out of the server, before nearly everyone quits, and first then they start to merge ( this merge is lol, 3 red rang above, could you imagine how much stam is needed to bring the heros up? Lol)

And with a double is done like nothing, atleast it should triple or even more, that would be fair for the players, but well pb doenst give a sh… About the players, so a double must be enough :joy::joy::joy:

What does this mean @Loutre

Your price points are all wrong. There is no consistency on what you get for your money, for your boring, unintuitive game. That’s why you constantly have to merge servers. Set a price standard, do anything to show you’re out for more than a paycheck and you won’t loose players like this.


Im sorry but that doesn’t help how are we supposed to increase 15 levels? And we are r14 and they are r17 your legit telling us to spend without doing it directly.
At least give us some stamina refills to help not double drops what if I don’t have stamina? I just stay rotten?

Well, 18 and 19 are two servers with the lowest amount of active players.

Considering old servers uhm…
I don´t think S2+S5 merge would do anything tbh.
Less impactful would be merging Server 5 into 1 first around November/December (or even January like Server 9 was this year) and then Server 2 into 1 later, like next October or so.

It is also fairly possible that Server 14 could get all levels unlocked (although technically that could be done for all servers, even 21-24), all chapters and content (Codebase) unlocked etc. as an experiment.
Keep it for 3 months.
Either the players will leave the server or the playerbase stays fairly similar (and it might keep people engaged a bit longer).
Add say 50 additional badge booster crates to every contest for Server 14 and you can see the natural progress of people to Y4 (or Y5 soon).

That´s just my 2 coins in terms of the future of the game. I understand the dev team has other plans, likely.


Why are you here, again?


That’s really rude to say.

But I’m genuinely curious as to why they’re writing in the forum of a game they find boring and unintuitive.


:bulb: Fun fact: A lot of people think same.

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Same question applies, then: why play a game that one finds boring and unintuitive, and complain in the forum about the prices of the deals? Why not spend one’s time and money on something that one at least nominally enjoys? It just doesn’t make sense to me.


https://youtu.be/XnT5F3jb3DA Here’s a quick video where I go through what this merger means for you guys that are from S18/19


@Loutre is there any way we can make this in September? Or at the end of August? October sounds awfully far

It is planned for that day in October so S19 has enough time to catch up in content with S18.


That’s at the end of October like 3 months

@Loutre could we get an indication of when to expect more details relating to the merge?
Merge is 7 weeks away :slight_smile:


Guys, all of your progress is saved during a server merge.

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