S18/19 Server Merge Planned for October 2021

Hello everyone! As the title says, we’re going to be having a server merge for S18 and S19! This won’t be happening until October and I’ll be going into more detail closer to the actual merge date. This is just an announcement that we’re planning the merge! This will be very similar to previous server merges and we will be allowing account consolidation.

Players on Server 19 will start seeing double content starting on August 17th so when the time comes they’ll be on the same content and ready to be merged into Server 18! We will also be running double drop events frequently on Server 19 to help you get through this extra content.

We will be making a more detailed Server Merge post closer to the merge date which is currently planned for October 26, 2021.


Thank u guys

Is there a reason Server 2 is not being merged with any other server? So many players are going inactive and many more are slowing down considerably or considering leaving soon with no new changes.


Thank goodness!

@Loutre any word about 21 and 22 merging 21 is extremely dead in every way


Only server merge plans for right now are for 18/19


What happens to 18 when the merge happens and from what it sounds like there is not double drops for 18? Why is that?

Server 19 is moving into Server 18. Server 18 is not going anywhere and the double drops are just for Server 19 so they can catch up to where Server 18 already is.


Yeahh! Finally!


Can’t believe server 5 isn’t getting merged with server 1 or 2 ? We were the first server to get a merge so after all this time I would have expected to get another merg seeing as it’s pretty much a ghost town. Hardly any guilds have 50 members

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You should see 21 they shrunk to smaller then server 1 now

Okay then, thanks.

18 has been waiting for a merge for a long time :joy: server 2 has merged before and 21’s time will come …

Ok, thank you

Noooo :sob:

It’s nice that we’re trying to make the servers more active, but S19 is 15 levels and 3 red ranks behind S18.

My top 15 heroes are already 15 levels below the cap. How are we supposed to keep up?? Double drops are not going to do a lot… we’d still need 15 levels worth of gold, disk power, XP, etc. That is a huge amount of gold…

I’m just worried that double content and all won’t be enough to bridge the gap for at least our top 15 and S19 will be at a big disadvantage because of it. :man_shrugging:t2:

We were on server 16 and merged with server 14, and didn’t get any double drops to help us catchup. We lost a TON of dedicated daily players afterwards. Took a few of us a couple of months and a ton of cash to catch up. It really sucked. Hopefully it’s better for this merge.

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Does your guild get deleted

Well honestly this isn’t really comparable given that S14 was only behind S16 with 5 levels, so only needed one double cap increase to catch up
S19 is 15 levels behind S18 at the moment, meaning S19 players will have double cap increases for 3 months in a row

No, guilds will move over from server 19 to server 18 on the merge as they are. You can refer to the previous merge post as a guide until the S18/S19 merge post has been created:

Thank @Bluebandit93

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