S19 needs a merge

So im in s19 and I think we need a merge with fresh players and guilds any merge would be wonderful hope you accept this since people here are starting to complain about it

You said it

I feel the same for server 22. There seems to be a lot of players leaving recently

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Right now the highest need is for Servers 5, 18 and 19. Merging those three together would be a catastrophe.

Server 2 has a rather toxic chat compared to others, which is why S5 players (at least those communicative) would like a merge with Server 1.

18 and 19 should be merged though I agree. Albeit 19 acts like old servers (deals being better than in 18 and FtN scoring in 19 being similar to 1-2-5). The biggest problem I see with 18+19 merge is that many S18 players would leave because of not being able to keep up (discrepancy of the deals being for almost a year). Which would lead to basically the same situation as is now with Server 19 anyway.

I definitely agree that server 19 needs it badly. My bf is on that server and any time I’ve played on his account it was like a ghost town.

I just was mentioning server 22 because it’s been happening at a very fast rate lately with a lot of people not liking these 6 day contests and because of the awful deals that we get on server 22. No one wants to pay $100 for 2,000 stamina packs when server 19 has the same amount for $5.

Server 19 has the most inflated deals right now. I wonder why. Because “if something is too good to be true, it isn´t”.

I’m not sure, but I know a few people who moved from server 22 to server 19 just for the deals.

Yeah I’m in server 5 and we need a merg soon but I can only see us merging with server 2. I don’t think server 2 is that bad I have an account on there as well but granted I don’t take too much notice off chat apart from my own guild

some do…
Personally I´d prefer S1+S5, with S1+S2 coming at some point in the near future.
Because let´s face it, everything will fall back down to Server 1.

Please merge with 23…!!!

We need to merge with 19! Server 14 is really fun and awesome, and 19 needs lot’s of players so if they merge with a server 14 is the one to go!

I really don’t mind any merge I just want to merge so badly its getting boring

Hey @Loutre can you read this pls?

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I´d personally do:

1+5 Merge
2+19 Merge (with Portal Quest-alike compensation of pushing every S19 account up by the difference in caps and giving all heroes for S19 players several cap increases and those levels) :slight_smile:
I feel like we do indeed miss the Portal Quest type of compensation of merging two completely different servers. 14+16 Merge was a true showcase of that, wonder how many S16 players left after it.

Timezones, remember? :confused:

Server 12 (which was European) got merged into Server 9 (non-European) before. And that itself got merged into Server 1.

So, excuse me, what timezones? There are exactly two things different in 5 compared to 1. Event/Contest start AND Event/Contest end. And even that is disadvantageous to Europeans anyway.

Actually, how would that work now since Thursday is the only day without a contest now? :thinking:

Would be shorter by 6 hours? :man_shrugging: Easy.

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