S21 ONLY: Changes to Stamina, Gold, and Skill Points

We are testing some changes to Stamina, Gold, and Skill Points. Previously, this was on Server 22 only, but with a stat change this morning this is now available on Server 21 also.

  • The limits to buying Stamina and Gold have been removed.
  • New VIP Perks to skip spending skill points for low level skills.
    • Starting at VIP5, upgrading skills will not require skill points for White, Green, Blue, and Purple skills below level 30
    • This scales up every 2 VIP levels by 5, so at VIP7 upgrading skills below level 35, etc.
    • The skill upgrades will still cost gold

Yay! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Yay! Goodbye gold… skills are way too expensive to level up! We need more ways to earn tons of gold!

Edit: oh only for L1-30? Weird…


This should have come with extending the amount of times that stamina could be bought with 50 or 100 diamonds. Who wants to spend 200-400 diamonds on stamina? You could’ve actually made everyone happy and made more money at the same time! Instead, this change is useless.


You think PB wants to lose their (aka yours spent) money? Haha, think again.
Besides, the 200+ diamonds stuff is meant to be for hardcore P2Ws lol.


I’d be surprised if many people find this useful. Stamina isn’t worth it to buy over the 100-diamond mark (maybe the 200 mark for spenders), and gold is… well, it’s a daily quest :sweat_smile:


Who uses the buy gold anyway. It’s a waist of diamonds for the amount of gold.
I don’t know anyone that breaks into the 200 diamond stam buys even on plus 70% deals.
Skill point adjustment is well received so I’ll at least thank PB for that one.

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Forget I said anything.


Another useless p2w feautre.
Good idea, Bad implementation

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Tbh i don’t see the use for the endless stam too…

Where is the point in buying stam for 200/400 dias each :joy:?

I can’t believe someone from pb could think that could be useful in any kind… Its just useless, nothing more


I mean yes unless your the d’amelio sisters lol. or have loads in the bank.

This is all nice but can you comment on the recent lag this game is experiencing @Polaris ?

It’s all to do with badges. Trials are lagging, equipping badges on heroes. It’s ruining my experience

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Well, I am a VIP level 1, so this is no big of a deal.

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I just checked my L101 LiShang. Skills have been decently leveled, but to get them to L101, I need 6m (1.3m+1.9m+2.95m). That’s insane. I’m guessing it’s 10m from L1 to L100. How is that possible?

That’s the beginning. 10M gold required to upgrade one character from level 185 to 190, not counting red skills.

Sbloccate la campagna ancge per il server 21! Che per andare avanti devi salire 10 livelli alla volta!!!

this is useless. honestly. vip 7 just to level people under 35? and only for purple and under? that’s terrible. what about us at level 200 who still have over half their characters at Orange and below because the Stam cost so much and can’t even level all the rest of the 100+ characters? this seriously was a waste.

yeah this is still the biggest problem. I have 122 heroes with a total power of 25.9m. The power of my top 30 heroes is 20.5m… it’s a sad situation. :frowning_face:


Polaris expressed in the words of devs that the game isn’t about raising every character high. Meaning you have to choose or pay a lot. There’s no middleground.

What they do want:

  • Continuously spend money on the new OP toons without them getting nerfed
  • Making old news mostly obsolete/wasted resources (where honestly in all the gacha games I played, even older toons had their uses regardless of powercreep, so idk why PerBlu doesnt do this as well).

Also even with choosing you have to spend alot to keep a decent selection kept up if you ask me.
PerBlu refuses to acknowledge the insane costs of stamina for badges and what not.
But thats a whole nother discussion.

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